Best Top International Platforms to Teach Coding to Kids

Top International Platforms to Teach Coding to Kids

Coding is indeed the future of IT. In today’s era, it is being considered as a basic skill that should be taught to kids from a young age. Though it seems a challenging endeavor to some, teaching coding to kids can be made just as easy as a breeze with the right resources at hand. Fortunately, there are innumerable apps and coding platforms to help the budding young minds to learn the nuances of coding in an easy and fun way.

Here, we, at Edelytics Online, have compiled for you a list of some of the best coding platforms that have been designed to make the complex subject of coding easier for young learners. is a web platform that is targeted towards teaching computer programming skills to children of different age and ability level. With game-like interactive lessons, it offers kids a chance to master the coding skills. has various courses on different topics and stages of coding. There are also various tools and resources at like App Lab, Game Lab, etc., that are great at teaching kids how to create apps, animations, games, and a lot more.


Bitsbox is a web-based subscription service that makes coding projects available for kids. It is a fun way to learn coding and each subscription package delivers extremely valuable education for kids with monthly coding projects. The concept revolves around free play, imitation, and repetition, allowing children to build functional apps for real devices. Bitsbox projects are entertaining, as well as interactive, and make learning to code as easy as learning any human language.


CodeCombat is a web platform targeted towards older kids. It promotes super easy learning of different computer programming syntaxes and structures through gaming. The gameplay allows coders to use Python, JavaScript, and other programming languages to control on-screen characters inside the labyrinth. Though it can be challenging for beginners but for kids having little bit knowledge of coding, CodeCombat offers a fun learning experience that improves their thinking abilities and offer rewards for clean codes.

Khan Academy

With a repository of 3000 educational videos, Khan Academy offers self-paced courses not only in coding but everything related to interactive visualization, building graphics, animations, and much more. The site enables the students to test their learning through actual coding assignments and exercises.


Kodable is a free iOS app that teaches kids complex coding and programming procedures with ease. Kodable has easy and comprehensive lesson plans focused on child-centric learning even for those with little to no computer knowledge. Kids can learn several languages, including Python, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and more. It also has a gameplay mode that makes coding more fun and interactive for kids. The reason for the app to become popular among kids is that it breaks down complicated concepts into simple and understandable lessons with both on-screen and off-screen activities.

Needless to say, coding is a must have skill for the 21st-century kids, and can be best taught when the experience remains fun-filled and uncomplicated.  Today, when we have so many platforms that enable children to learn coding, parents should step ahead and encourage their kids to dive into the world of codes. This will aid them in their academic as well as the professional journey ahead. Provide them with the space and the platform they need to learn to code, and they would surely reach greater heights of success in the years to come.

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