The Campus Ambassador program at Edelyticsonline is aimed at identifying energetic, passionate, go-getters who have the natural knack to take an initiative. They should be ready to brew a revolution in helping the college to upskill every student in their choice of field and turn into a campus crusader.

How to identify an Edelyticsonline Crusader? Well, they are the people who typically understand the value of adding the extra edge to their profiles through professional and academic certifications, always looking for opportunities to upgrade their skills as well as very active members of college societies, clubs, events, and activities. On top of this, they are stars of their community and people look up to them since they usually lead by example. In short, Leadership skills are encoded in their DNA and they are the visionaries of tomorrow.

If you believe that you have what it takes to be an Edelytics Crusader, we invite you to join the cult and be a part of the uprising. We assure you of a great learning and fulfilling experience, handy and exciting perks with take home rewards, an uber-confident you, an evolved and re-decorated resume with recommendations & certificates, and a position in the Edelyticsonline High Table. Here are the details, in case you have already made up your mind to be a part of us.

With Great Powers comes Great Responsibilities!!

  1. Be the official Crusader alias Ambassador and branding representative of Edelyticsonline in your college.
  2. Bring your college onboard as a certifying body in various relevant subjects that it is renowned for and help us launch certification based assessments on behalf of your college that will be promoting your college brand on our platform.
  3. Create contests and organize competitions through our online platform that is based on showcasing of skillsets in any arena permitted in an online framework. These can be inter-college as well as intra-college.
  4. Promote our certifications in your college and get students to like, share our FB and INSTAGRAM Page, sign up & subscribe to our YouTube Channel, become members of our FB group, invite and promote all these among friends, family, etc.
  5. Publicize by displaying posters on notice boards, sharing e-posters on WhatsApp, Facebook, etc, circulating emails, etc.
  6. Maintain relevant databases and submit monthly reports
  7. Organize counseling sessions and meet-ups in webinars, zoom calls (till college re-opens on a regular basis)
  8. Come up with innovative ideas on how Edelyticsonline can assist your college and associate us with any technical fest or sessions that your college conducts
  9. Associate Edelyticsonline with various college societies and fest department
  10. Any other marketing initiative will be rewarded as well

The privileges of being the chosen one

  1. Crusader Recognition Certificate.
  2. A dedicated post on Social Media upon selection
  3. Earn great gift vouchers on organizing workshops in your college
  4. Student referral vouchers
  5. Work Experience Certificate to all eligible candidates on successful completion of six months program
  6. LinkedIn recommendation to all eligible candidates after completion of the program
  7. Free passes for paid workshops and certifications at Edelyticsonline
  8. Opportunity to interact and network with industry experts and professionals through various events
  9. Opportunity to become a part of us
  10. Huge cash incentives for specific target achievements
  11. Additional vouchers for blogs writing for Edelyticsonline
  12. Exposure of working with a start-up, with some of the best brains in the industry
  13. Campus ambassadors are preferred for Paid internships
  14. Acclamation of efforts through Crusaders of the Month, Quarter, and Year entitling you to Cash rewards, Mobile phone, and laptop respectively.
  15. Edelyticsonline being a digital platform of Indian origin is now present in 25 countries and the reach is growing regularly. Any recognition or mention on the platform tantamounts to global fame and a massive profile boost.
  16. Opportunity to organize / coordinate international contests ,competitions in your college
  17. An opportunity to make global networks.
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