Guided by the honorable prime minister of India, Shri. Narendra Damodardas Modi’s vision of a skilled India, www.edelyticsonline.com has been founded to inspire the spirit of learning among all sects of society. Our aim is to reach out to the length and breadth of this country and even beyond in order to make a national footprint on the global map by becoming one of the leading online platform for free certification based assessment platform.We are in the process of forming all forms of collaborations that involve strategic and operational alliances as well as resource sharing arrangements with institutions and organizations of excellence. Our mission is driven by the sole objective of being able to impact the lives of children, college students, school and college drop-outs, budding as well as veteran professionals, differently-abled individuals, homemakers, semi-skilled and unskilled professionals, etc. all hoping to turn their lives around on the basis of upgrading their skills.

We are committed to equality and access to education and skills training irrespective of gender, geography, economic status, or any other barriers that can so often stunt potential. So we offer a range of free assessments that meet the many diverse needs of our learners. The freedom to explore has led to all significant discoveries and inventions that have changed the face of mankind. Our ideology is to leverage this gift of curiosity and help individuals explore various domains of knowledge spread over a strategic mix of traditional arenas and the modern cutting-edge technological domains. Our goal is focussed on promoting employability, entrepreneurship, leadership, become reagents of innovation, foster excellence, and nurture perfection.

An assessment often unleashes the hidden potential and removes self-doubt. A credible certificate post a successful assessment adds recognition to potential and acts as an excellent source for evidence of learning. Free access opens up unlimited possibilities. Our ever-growing list of certifying bodies of excellence and the burgeoning menu of certificate driven assessments is a constant incentive for our ardent learners to come back to us for more. Gamification features like leader board, badges, progress charts that are being introduced into the online eco-system is giving every individual a shot at displaying leadership, instant gratification, and a platform to display skills on a national -international platform. Certificates are downloadable, sharable, and verifiable so acts as excellent add-ons to the professional profile of every bearer.

Our area of focus is rural and semi-rural India where lack of access to resources and information is the basic problem. People are living on heaps of misconceptions and the anxiety of the unknown thus being easily overwhelmed by their urban counterparts. Now with domains like AI, Robotics, IoT, coding, molecular technology, etc. just a click away, will provide a tremendous boost to the fragile confidence that wraps the dormant yet colossal talent pool. Penetrating to the farthest corners of the nation and bringing accessibility to information, knowledge, and recognition is among our primary objectives.

We are hopeful that our dedicated and passionate team will continue to bring evolved content for our learners with a world-class experience whenever they log in to our website. We encourage institutions, organizations, and individuals to use our resources and contribute in our unified efforts to create a stronger and confident nation that is not only “atmanirbhar” but acts as a beacon of hope to the entire world.

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