When you choose this test, your child will grow in confidence while learning the world’s global language. Evaluating the unique standards and parameters of ACEPT isn’t just about better English. It’s about unlocking your child’s potential, helping them improve their life skills and getting them future-ready.
Our English assessment and certification by ACEPT have been designed around the way children learn. 

Why choose ACEPT evaluation and certification?

  1. Our test has been designed to synthesize your child’s creativity, critical thinking, and social skills as they learn English.
  2. Evaluation of skills and identifying gray areas is best at this age when it comes to them most naturally.
  3. Dedicated, specially-trained, experienced, and passionate teachers with training in innovative educational methodologies have been a part of the test designing machinery.
  4. A clear sense of progress to show how well children are doing when it comes to learning English is a prime focus area.
  5. Asian Council For English Proficiency Test uses curated resources to make sure that children at home are in sync with the global standards of learning English outcomes.

With taking multiple attempts on ACEPT designed tests your child will:

  • Gain improved mental agility.
  • Enjoy themselves and develop a positive attitude to learning
  • Learn English at the best age to master good pronunciation
  • Improve their language skills and self-confidence.
  • Learn writing skills 
  • Develop a sense to excel as we map progress with thousands of peers
  • Develop self-motivation and an inner drive to become their best version


ACEPT certification on English Grammar for age group of 10 – 13 Years


ACEPT certification on English Grammar for age group of 14 – 16yrs


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