Edelytics Online: A One-of-its-Kind Free Certification Portal for Kids

In this era of ever-increasing competition and endless opportunities, the development of crucial skills plays a pivotal role in children’s lives. However, while the importance of various soft skills and practical abilities is usually stressed for the professionals, people frequently forget that such expertise is no less important for kids. After all, be it public speaking, communication skills, or time management, a child can pick it up faster and better compared to a grown-up who tries to learn it all at a farther along. It’s a simple matter of giving the children an early start rather than waiting for them to catch up later.

It is this idea that makes Edelytics Online a really good and an innovative concept for shaping the present and the future skillsets of children. The brand has been doing a commendable job at honing the skillsets of the young minds of the nation and aiding them to bring out their inner possibilities. And, the free online certifications for school and college students is a unique, but certainly, a much-needed approach by them.

A Wide Range of Certifications for the Budding Geniuses

Edelytics Online is the very first and the largest education platform in India for online certifications for kids. Ever since its launch, Edelytics Online has been a step ahead in ensuring skill development in young learners by not only helping them gain knowledge but also getting them various worthy certifications to prove their achievements. Several top-notch national and international institutions have partnered with Edelytics Online in the endeavor, and have brought forth a plethora of prestigious certifications for children to try their hands-on.

Not only is every merit or achievement followed by a certification, but all of these digital credentials come for free. This means that parents won’t need to spend a single penny to get their children to add to, test, or enhance the existing potential. So, in more ways than one, Edelytics Online is truly presenting an exceptional opportunity for all those young and ambitious minds among us.

What Edelytics Online Brings to the Table with the Certifications?

Edelytics Online has really thought ahead while introducing this innovative approach of certifications for students. There are so many reasons that make it a great opportunity for the modern pupils, who have greater competition and more number of challenges to face going ahead in their future.

First off, the certifications come bearing the logo of some of the most reputed institutions, which adds weightage to the skills acquired by the student. It’s not like completing another level in an app, where the screen flashes ‘congratulations’ and takes the user to the next round. Here, at the end of the process, the participants get legit certifications that they can present as a trustworthy record of their knowledge to anyone and at any time.

Secondly, the wide range of options available in the certification portal is pretty impressive. One can find anything from life skills to professional knowledge based challenges or courses at the website. On one hand, there are certifications on Microsoft Excel, Virtual Reality, and the likes. On the other hand, options like yoga and time management exist side by side. Besides, free certifications are added on the website on a regular basis, so there is always something new to learn for the curious youngsters with an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

Lastly, students get to take an assessment whenever they have the time for it. They can get going at it the first thing in the morning or spare an hour for it before going to bed at night. In fact, there is no reason to worry even if they have to leave the Edelytics Online website for some reason while in the middle of the participation as they can always come back and start from where they left.

One of the best things about these certifications is that children are allowed to make multiple attempts, and they will get a unique set of questions on each attempt. So, the only competition the students have here is themselves. If they want to beat their own score of 65% the last time and take it to, say a 90%, they have the opportunity to do it.

A Viable Opportunity in Times of the Pandemic

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic has swept the world, there have been talks from all quarters about helping children adjust to the new normal. Child psychologists and educators have stressed time and again about the significance of keeping students engaged in fruitful pursuits during this time that can help them learn something new while taking their mind off the worries of the current scenario. The Edelytics Online certifications seem to be the perfect fit for this situation.

Children have already adapted to the idea and format of online learning. So, this will be just like another online educational opportunity for them, and nothing that they need to go out of the way to get adjusted to.

Besides, this present situation of being confined to the homes, without the need to go to school or take part in the usual co-curricular classes, gives children a lot more time than usual to extend their existing skillset. Think of it in this way: rather than letting children devote all of this extra time to games and computers, it’s better to let them know more about time management through a certification in that!

After all, this way, the children will come out of this pandemic with much more skills and knowledge than they had when the countrywide lockdowns started back in March.

The Simple Process of Getting Certified with Edelytics Online

One of the many good things about Edelytics Online is that the entire process of registration and getting certified has been kept pretty simple at the website. In fact, once children get the hang of the simple steps and see how engaging each certification is, they would even choose to continue with other certifications all by themselves. At the end of the day, getting a certificate from a prestigious institute each time a free course or challenge with real-world implications is completed, feels quite satisfying. Isn’t it!

So, the process starts with registering at the website of Edelytics Online by filling up a basic form. You can CLICK HERE to register on the website. A confirmation email will be then sent to your registered email ID. Thereafter, the students can log in to their accounts and go to the ‘All Certifications’ option at the top to get the list of certification opportunities currently offered by Edelytics Online.

Choose any certification, and start completing the coursework or test under it. There is a bar given under each certification course that fills up based on the amount of progress that has been made in that particular section. Once the bar is filled and the certification is achieved, the student can move on to the next course. Though one can take multiple certifications at one point in time, it’s necessary to make sure that doing it does not interfere with the learning and the focus of the student.

It would also be important to mention here that though free access is currently available on all the certifications on the website, there are a few options for which this free access is for a limited time only. So, it is advisable for the interested students as well as the parents to explore the website of Edelytics Online and start working on their chosen certifications at the earliest.

The online learning certifications from Edelytics Online is certainly a one-of-a-kind approach for skill development of the young minds. And missing out on such an opportunity is definitely not advised. So go ahead right away and check out the range of credentials listed on this amazing portal.

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