Start Assessment on Self Publish Book Using ChatGPT

  1. The test is based on the field of AI.
  2.  Select the correct option to answer each question.
  3. Please refer to the maximum time allowed for each exam. This exam is for 15 min.
  4. This is the time available for the candidate to demonstrate the widest range of skills they can, and candidates are advised to make full use of this.
  5. This exam is of 100 marks, there is no negative marking.
  6. A certificate of Achievement in Self Publish Book Using ChatGPT is awarded by Edelytics Online only after securing a min 60% mark in the assessment which judges the basic concepts of Self Publish Book Using ChatGPT.
  7. All earned certificates are in your profile section.
  8. All our certificates can be verified online with a unique certificate id.
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